Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H Eu 429,00 ر.ق

Mi Air Purifier 2H

Breath clean with true HEPA filters

True HEPA filters | Real-time AQI monitoring

Remotely control using Mi Home App

High 260 clean air delivery rate (CADR)

Eliminates 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns with True HEPA filtersHEPA filters create cleaner air for a healthy life

Continuing our legacy of self-developing more effective air pressurization systems, we equipped the Mi Air Purifier 2H with HEPA filters, which are so effective that at least 99.97% of particulate matter of size 0.3μm or larger is filtered on the first pass-through. The air becomes so clean that it can help alleviate allergies and asthma symptoms, helping to make beautiful spring days a bit brighter.

Every way the wind blows High air pressure, larger circulation Send powerful gusts of air to the farthest reaches of your room. Inspired by aircraft engines, the aerodynamic pressure system created by our R&D team draws inward from the base and expels air upwards with great force. Smart phone controls let you switch on and off remotely, even when you are away from home(1). That way you can always be sure to come home to clean air.

Covers all angles 360°triple-layer filter

The 360° cylindrical filter takes in air more efficiently from every direction compared to conventional air purifiers. Its triple-layer design removes particles larger than 0.3μm with a high-density EPA filter from Japanese manufacturer Toray, while an activated coconut carbon filter removes formaldehyde, bad odour and other harmful substances.④ Replacing the filter is simple and you will be automatically notified via the app when it needs replacing

8min to circulate air once in the master bedroom

Your body and its respiratory system releases carbon dioxide, ammonia, and other chemicals. Without proper air circulation, sleep quality can be greatly affected. The ultra-quiet Mi Air Purifier also removes PM2.5 particles, bacteria, dust and other allegens that cling onto bedding. This can provide relief to headaches, sore throats, and stuffy noses, and other sleep discomforts.

Completely in control Monitor air quality at a glance Use your phone as a remote to power on, power off, and switch modes. The Mi Home app also lets you monitor home air quality from your phone at any time. Create schedules to power on, power off, switch to Night mode, and more.

The strong, silent type Ultra-quiet and energy efficient

Sleep soundly with the ultra-quiet Mi Air Purifier 2. Advanced aerodynamics reduce noise and wind resistance so you can enjoy peace and silence at night. The custom Japanese motor from Nidec is extremely power efficient, consuming 58% less energy than Mi Air Purifier and using only 4.8W on normal mode – that’s even better than energy-saving lightbulbs.⑥

The beauty of aerodynamics Air flow optimization at its best

Inspired by aircraft engines, our engineers set to create a powerful aerodynamic system that uses pressure to let clean air soar across the room.

Assembled inside is a Nidec DC motor that changes speed levels seamlessly. It manages to clean 260m³/h while staying ultra-quiet and consuming very little power. As soon as you power it on, a steady flow of air begins to fill the whole room. Smart phone controls allow you to adjust air flow rate just the way you like it.

Clean air comes full circle Large 360° circulation, up to 260m3/h CADR

Uses aerodynamics to optimize wind flow. Air suction takes place at the base and is expelled forcefully through the top using a pressurized system. Select Favorites via the Mi Home app to enter high speed mode, and purify your room in a matter of minutes.

Going with the flow

Even a fan blade just 1mm thick can have a significant impact on airflow,

that’s why Mi Air Purifier 2H has been meticulously designed to minimize air resistance and energy loss as air flows through each section.

Intake grille Faces the same airflow direction and slices it up for even circulation. Rounded sections reduce wind resistance and noise

Fast and steady The best fans remain stable and precise even at full speed. Every fan is tested for precision and balance at high rotation speeds for the most stable performance.

Parallel fan design Both fans at the top and bottom work together in sync to provide a uniform air passage.

Senses with accuracy

The high-quality Japanese SHINYEI particle sensor calculates indoor PM2.5 quality and displays it on your phone. It also informs

Mi Air Purifier 2 to adjust wind speeds when air gets bad

So dim and quiet, you won’t even realise it’s there

Mi Air Purifier 2H is designed simply, with minimal aesthetics, buttons, and lights. The notification light hovers exactly 7.5cm from the ground to avoid glare when you’re resting on the bed or couch. The low-power Nidec motor consumes just 4.8W, which reduces noise – especially on Night mode. Just like the sound of a gentle breeze, Mi Air Purifier 2H helps you drift off to sleep.

True HEPA filter Triple-layer filtration

To get the best purification results, we’ve upgraded to highly effective HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of particulate matter of size 0.3μm or larger, creating a room full of clean, pure air so that you can breathe easy.

Works hard, works smart

Feeling hazy? Take shelter with smart remote controls and real-time air monitoring. That way you will always know what outdoor vs indoor air quality is like, and switch to High-speed mode on a hazy day. Set timer schedules to learn your wake up and sleep patterns, and schedule a power off when you leave home. That’s not all – built-in temperature and humidity sensors also give you more information about your environment

Brand : Xiaomi Mi

Type : Air Purifier

Wi-Fi module : 802.11b/g/n Smart connection, remote phone control

Air-quality sensor : SHINYEI (Japan) particle sensor

Temperature and Humidity sensor : Sensirion AG (Switzerland) sensor

Power consumption : 1.5W – 31W

Global voltages supported : AC 100V~220V 50/60Hz

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Laser particle sensor, Light sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor




1 Year

Rated Power

1.5W – 31W


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H Eu



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