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If you refuse to take the car to go through the city because of the amount of traffic or the cost of fuel, but you do not want to face public transport due to schedules, the ideal solution for you has two wheels and is the new version of the Mi Electric Scooter, just as powerful but now with a built-in LED display.

It still responds to an incredibly avant-garde, minimalist folding design that can withstand a long 30km ride. 

Up to 25 km/h and journeys of up to 30 km

Right, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S takes you wherever you want to go at a speed up to of 25 km/h. This will always depend on conditions such as our weight, the inclination of the terrain or the direction and strength of the wind. Still, it’s an amazing speed that will get us closer to where we’re going in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, its large battery capacity of 7800 mAh offers you a journey of up to 30 km on a single charge. In addition, to extend its life, the Mi Electric Scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration into electrical energy. It is also equipped with a regenerative braking system to increase power. This improves the emergency braking system and, at the same time, the vehicle’s range. And enjoy the ride!

Minimalist design in the finest Xiaomi style

All Xiaomi products tend to look extremely simple but at the same time really beautiful and even majestic. In fact, the design of the Mi Electric Scooter has already won the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” award and the IF Design Award 2017. Now the 1S repeats this same design which stands out for its simplicity, elegance and functionality, with a light and clean aesthetic, highlighting a smooth black that complements its lines and specific details in red. A vehicle of these characteristics must respond only to the comfort of transport, avoiding ostentatious elements that make driving difficult and maintaining a minimalist style with straight, uniform lines.

Lightweight and foldable

On top of this, Xiaomi knows you want its scooter to go here and there, to reach places that are not too far away but not too close either, and that’s why the Mi Electric Scooter 1S has several features that make it super easy to transport and store when you’re not using it. For example, the vehicle’s frame folds up in three easy steps, reducing its dimensions so it can be stored in any closet or the boot of a car.

In addition, the low-density aerospace aluminum material from which the frame of the Mi Electric Scooter 1S is made improves thermal conductivity and increases durability. And, being a tough yet lightweight material, it maintains a weight of only 12.5 kg.

Built-in LED display

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, this 1S version of the Xiaomi scooter is virtually the same as the previous one, with the addition of an LED display that reveals everything at a glance. From the Bluetooth icon to remaining power, current speed or repair warnings, all important information is displayed in real time and clearly, so you’ll always know when to charge your scooter or drive safely.

For safer driving, day and night

We all agree that good design goes beyond simple aesthetic beauty, responding also to standards that enhance the functionality of the device. Well, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S offers conditions and performance well studied to provide an easy, comfortable and above all, safe journeys for you and the rest of pedestrians and drivers.

Comfortable and safe handlebar grip

An example of this is its handlebar, which has a silicone coating with small dots or folds that prevent our hands from accidentally slipping and provide a strong and comfortable grip, even on long rides.

Ultra-bright headlights

Headlights are essential for night driving, but not all skateboards have them. Mi Electric Scooter features ultra-bright 1.1W headlights with up to 6 meters of distance for added safety.

Dual Brake System

It has a 120 mm ventilated disc brake at the rear and an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking systemat the front for effective braking.

Red rear lights for safe braking

Red lights illuminate when braking as a warning to pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

8.5″ front and rear tires

The 8.5″ front and rear tires are made of a rubber compound that allows good shock absorption and fits any type of road so you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Turn your smartphone into a controller

Synchronise your smartphone with the scooter via Bluetooth and use the application to turn it on, update the firmware, display the mileage, remaining power and current speed, or activate the cruise control to save energy and give your wrist a rest.

As you can see, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S Black offers perfect everyday transport features; from work to a meeting with friends, from home to class and from class to the gym… A vehicle made for energetic souls who don’t stop and want an alternative to get around town and save huge expenses. 

Traffic regulations for scooters

Don’t forget to check the traffic regulations of the scooter where you are. Safety comes first.

Specifications Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S Black:

General parameters

Brand: Xiaomi

Model: 1S (DDHBC05NEB)

Color: Black

Type: Electric Scooter / Skateboard Format / Urban Tour

Recommended age: 16-50 years

Recommended height: 120-200 cm

Max load: 100kg

Structure: aerospace aluminum

Dimensions and weight

Tire size: 8.5 inches

Motor size: 6.7 inches

Weight: Approx. 12.5 kg

Dimensions (vertical): Approx. 1080mm x 430mm x 1140mm

Dimensions (folded): Approx. 1080mm x 430mm x 490mm


Max speed: 25 km / h., Max 18 km / h. in cruise control

Energy saving mode: max speed 18 km / h., With smooth acceleration for beginner

Max torque: 16 N.m

Motor power: 250W

Max instantaneous power: 500 W

Motor control mode: vector sine-wave and control current + indirect speed control system

Max inclination: approx 14º

Applicable terrain: cement, asphalt, flat dirt floor, shoulders and stairs of less than 1 cm. high and less than 3 cm wide

Panel height: approx. 87.5 mm.

Resistance: IP54 resistance to dirt, dust and splashes


Battery capacity: 7800 mAh

Travel distance: 30 km

Charger power: 71W

Charger voltage input: 100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz

Battery voltage limit: 42V

Charging time: approx. 5 hours

Intelligent power management: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, double over-charge protection, double over-discharge protection, temperature resistance and undervoltage self-shutdown protection

Normal energy consumption: 1.1 kWh per 100 km


Braking distance: 4 m. on dry asphalt

Braking: Regenerative + brake disc

Tire material: inflatable rubber


Headlights: Ultra-bright 1.1W; 6 m. outreach

Taillights: LED

Power indicators: 4 LED indicators

Indicator mode: Under the power button. White for normal mode, green for power saving mode

Package content

1 x Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S Black

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Key

1 x Nozzle for tire pump

4 x hexagonal screws

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1 Year


7800 mAh


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1s – Black



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