Xiaomi Mi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set 599,00 ر.ق

Xiaomi Mi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set

Print your moments in an instant

High Resolution Image Quality
3″/6″ Photo Paper and Tape Set 
Automatic protective laminate 
Instant printing from smartphone 
remote printing

    • High resolution image quality
    • Compatible with various fast wireless connections
    • Two sizes of photo paper
    • Improved direct connect function
    • ID photo of various sizes
    • Innovative magnetic paper tray

    Take photos on your smartphone and print them instantly

    Relive those special moments.

    Easily connect your smartphone to the Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S. High-resolution professional photos with a processing time of 1 minute*. Turn photos on your smartphone screen into physical versions you can touch.

    Switch between two sizes of photo paper and photo styles to your liking

    Print a photo of the whole family on 6″ photo paper and frame it.

    Print a beautiful candid photo on 3″ photo paper and stick it wherever you want.

    You can select the photo size you want to find your favorite style.

    3 in. (adhesive-backed photo paper* (86 x 102mm)

    6 in. (photographic paper (100 x 148mm)

    Print right out of the box

    Includes 10 sheets of 6″ photo paper, 10 sheets of 3″ photo paper, and 1 ribbon*.

    Create your own photo wall with the beautiful places you have visited and the delicious food you’ve tasted

    Fill your home with warmth with family memories and the growth of your children

    Printed image quality is comparable to the results of professional photographic studios

    Professional dye-sublimation printing technology, with 256 levels of grayscale, produces smooth, detailed color. The high precision of the print head and paper feeding ensure that photos retain the definition of facial features.

    300 dpi print resolution

    1280 thermal print heads*

    16.7 million colors Wide range of colors

    Self protective laminate prevents fading so that the photos last forever

    Photos do not need to be laminated as they are automatically coated with a clear, waterproof and fingerprint resistant protective film. So the photos last a long time and don’t fade or yellow, so the colors will continue to shine for decades*.


    fingerprint resistance

    oxidation resistance

    Print directly from the Xiaomi Home app connecting the printer to your smartphone or computer*

    Print photos directly from your smartphone with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. Connect to a tablet or computer to print remotely. Print photos for your parents at home during your travels.

    Enhanced direct connect function*

    By activating direct connection mode, the smartphone connects directly to the printer. The ability to print directly from the album you have open makes printing photos as easy as taking them.

    Print ID photos quickly and easily

    The Xiaomi Home app includes templates to print ID photos without leaving the comfort of your home*. There are guide indicators at the four corners of the photos to make cutting by hand easier.

    1/2 inch*

    passport photo

    Integrated filter and trim functions

    The Xiaomi Home app can be used for photo processing, such as rotating or cropping, with 8 filters to print blockbuster-style photos.

    Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set with ribbon and color photo paper*

    6″ color photo paper and ribbon set requires only inkless ribbon replacement combined with special high-definition heat-sublimation photo paper, making photo printing more affordable at home than in a studio photographic.

    Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set with tape and 3″ sticky-backed photo paper*

    The 3″ adhesive-backed photo paper and tape set requires only the replacement of inkless tape combined with special high-definition heat-sublimation photo paper. By peeling off the adhesive backing, photos can be easily stuck, and , if it does not come off, they can be placed directly in an album or exposed as decoration.

    integrated magnetic design for convenient storage

    Semi-transparent paper tray to clearly indicate the consumption of photographic paper. Don’t worry about saving the album after using it. The innovative integrated magnetic docking design makes it easy to store, and with its clean and elegant look, it could even become a beautiful piece of art on the table.

    Printing performance

    printing specifications : Thermal sublimation printing

    technology : 300x300dpi

    color gradation : 256 levels per color

    printing speed : Approximately 1 minute/page

    contents : 20 sheets of photographic paper

    file type : JPEG, PNG

    Exclusive consumables

    Type 1 : Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set with color photographic paper and ribbon

    photographic paper : 20 sheets of 6-inch photographic paper x2

    Ribbon : 1 (for printing 40 photos)

    type 2 : Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set 3-inch adhesive backing photographic paper and ribbon

    photographic paper : 10 sheets of 3-inch adhesive backing photographic paper x4

    Ribbon : 1 (for printing 40 photos)

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    Mi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set



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