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Smart route planning

The Mi Robot Vacuum is an ultra-smart cleaning device with 12 different sensors. Its 3 processors monitor its movement in real time and calculate data using a special location and mapping algorithm to map the outline of your home and determine the optimal cleaning paths.

Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)

The high-performance laser distance sensor allows the robot to scan its environment at 360 degrees, 1800 times a minute, with the simultaneous location and mapping algorithm mapping the interior of your home, delivering real-time planning, clearing corners, but and can be cleaned in a Z shape according to the layout of the space.

3 independent processors

For greater accuracy, the device incorporates 3 dedicated processors to achieve real-time motion, position calculation and determine the best cleaning paths.

High sensitivity and precision sensor system

The Mi Robot Vacuum uses a total of 12 sensors – including an ultrasound radar sensor, tilt sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer – to map the interiors of your home.

Innovative SLAM algorithm

The SLAM algorithm, also known as “Simultaneous Localization And Mapping”, is used in the US by NASA rovers, Google motorcycles and other high-tech projects. Based on the precision data collected by the sensor system, the vacuum cleaner draws a map of the room in real time, mapping all the unknown areas of the space while calculating the optimal cleaning path.

Effectively completes cleaning tasks

Mi Robot Vacuum will clear the space based on the map designed by the SLAM algorithm, designing the cleaning route. To ensure cleaning efficiency, it will start cleaning with Edge cleaning mode and Zigzag cleaning mode. By following the pre-planned course, it will automatically avoid obstacles by meeting your cleaning goals.

Automatic charging

The Mi Robot Vacuum will return to the charging base and recharge automatically after the cleaning is complete. When the power is less than 20%, it will recharge to 80% and continue from where it stopped. Thanks to the new infrared charging stand that has 180 degrees and 4 meters maximum infrared range, the device can be charged even more efficiently.

Powerful and durable

For smoother cleaning, the Mi Robot Vacuum uses the powerful Nidec brushless DC motor, which delivers air pressure up to 1800Pa. The main swing brush automatically adjusts the height to create as close contact with the floor as possible during the suction of dirt on uneven surfaces.

1800Pa strong absorption

Brushless NIDEC motors are imported from Japan and reach a maximum air flow rate of 0.67m3 / min, maximum pressure of about 1800Pa *, which results in efficient absorption of dust in the floor or on the carpet.

5200mAh high capacity battery

The robot incorporates a 5200mAh lithium-ion battery that guarantees 2.5 hours of full charge cleaning. You don’t have to worry about charging. The specially designed CC and CV charging system ensures that the battery life extends to 2 years.

Brand : Xiaomi Mi

Type : Vacuum Cleaner

WIFI connection : Wi-Fi Smart Connection

Trend : 14.4V

Power : 55W

Input voltage : 100 – 240V ~

Output voltage : 20V 2.2A

Frequency : 50 / 60Hz

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop p – white



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