Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000 1.224,00 ر.ق

Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000

Built for Gamers, Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6
Ultra fast tri-band experience
5GHz _ For gaming
5GHz _ For entertainment
2.4GHz _ For smart home devices
12 independent signal amplifiers
Qualcomm® hexa-core flagship processor

4K QAM+ 160 MHz
Wi-Fi 6
2.5Gbps Ethernet port
USB 3.0 Super Speed port
Three separate bands Game without interruption
Compared to traditional dual-band routers, this tri-band router offers an additional band dedicated to e-sports, 
allowing gamers to enjoy ultra-high-speed bandwidth without interference from other devices.
5GHz Gaming Band
The 4804Mbps ultra-high-speed gaming band provides super-fast network speed, ultra-low latency, and stable output of combat power.
5GHz Entertainment Band
The exclusive high-speed band lets you enjoy various types of content like TV shows, livestreams and videos without lag or excessive buffering.
2.4GHz Smart Home Band
With better wall penetration effect, even a smart lamp on the balcony can be securely connected and turned on/off on your command.
9000Mbps* mega-speed experience
160MHz bandwidth
Double speed and double bandwidthcompared to 
the more common 80MHz bandwidth*, 
meeting the high-speed connection requirements of 
multiple devices.
4K QAM higher data transfer density
With devices that support 4K QAM, Wi-Fi speed is increased by another 20%*.
Keep the speed even with multiple devices
OFDMA improves the efficiency of each transmission, and MU-MIMO increases the total transmission capacity. The two are combined together to achieve faster speed and lower delay when multiple devices are used at the same time.

E-sport flagship device Invincible performance

Qualcomm® hexa-core flagship processor

Full computing power, full combat power
Equipped with Qualcomm® quad-core 2.2GHz CPU + dual-core 1.7GHz NPU,
The flagship chip is designed for efficient data forwarding and responds to the stringent requirements of e-sports networks.
12 independent high-performance signal amplifiers

The independent signal amplifier can effectively enhance the signal transmission power and at the same time improve the signal receiving sensitivity.

12 high gain antennas
Each antenna group contains three high-gain antennas, one 2.4GHz, and two 5GHz antennas, to provide wider signal coverage.
2.5Gbps gaming ethernet port
Wired devices can also enjoy gaming-grade high-speed networks.

Large 1GB memory

Supports simultaneous connection of 248 devices*, smart home, laptops, stereos, gaming consoles, keeping everyone satisfied.
USB 3.0 high speed port
Connect to a hard disk, change the high-speed family private cloud disk in seconds, supports SAMBA agreement, smartphones, TVs and PCs
Custom gaming lighting effects
X-shaped light with 16 million colors so that you can choose your favorite color. It also supports five light effect modes such as Breathing, Rainbow, and Starry sky.
Active cooling
Air duct with professional thermal simulation design, ultra-quiet fan that automatically adjust the fan speed according to the temperature. The fan stays quiet at night and efficiently heat dissipation during heavy use to ensure stable performance.
Tri-band Mesh networking

One-click configuration of the Mesh network, exclusive backhaul frequency band, no speed loss in networking*.

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270mm × 270mm × 174mm


Qualcomm® IPQ8072 quad-core A53 2.2GHz CPU

OS version

MiWiFi ROM, a smart router operating system based on OpenWRT


1 Year







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