Panasonic MC-YL788 Drum Vacuum Cleaner 645,00 ر.ق

Easy Cleaning and Dust Disposal with Powerful 2200 W Suction

This heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to clean your entire home. The detachable drum reduces the burden of maintenance. The Floor Nozzle offers easy cleaning. The Cord Rewind function even enhances safety by preventing tangling.

Easily Detachable Drum for Stress-free Cleaning

To detach the drum when disposing of dust, simply press down on the foot pedal. For extra convenience, the inside of the drum is also easy to clean.

Easy Steps to Clean the Drum

This vacuum lets users detach only the drum to free you from any tedious waste disposal.

Powerful Performance and 21 L Big Capacity

Impressive 2100 W input power enables easy vacuuming of dust, small stones and other large pieces of dirt for thorough cleaning of any room. And big dust capacity lets you clean without need to frequently empty the drum.

Durable Body Resists Dents

The drum is 0.5 mm thick and durable, so it’s ready for hard use. To make it stronger and more dent-resistant, it also features 3.0 mm thick ribs.

Cord Rewind Function Prevents Tangling

Press a button and the cord is wound in and stored in the lid section. No more tangled, untidy cord means a much neater look. To prevent injury when rewinding the cord, the last 30 to 50 cm of the cord is rewound while you hold it, so it’s safe.

Big Rollers Move Easily

The big rollers move smoothly over slight level differences and thick carpets for easier cleaning.

Anti-Bacterial Filter for Clean Air

To make it more effective, the anti-bacterial filter includes copper in the fabric. This copper eliminates odor particles through chemical bonding, keeping the filter clean, improving room air quality and keeping your body free of pollutants.

Durable & Reliable Design

1. Motor: Both side of the motor are coated with a rubber shield in order to keep out sand and dust.

2. Maneuverability: The low position of the hose ensures stable movement and durability.

3. Ground Chain: A chain is attached to the drum as a countermeasure for static electricity.


Input Power : 2200 W

Dust Capacity : 21 L

Detachable Drum for Stress-free Cleaning

Durable Body with 3 mm Ribs

2-step Floor Nozzle

Big Rollers

Cord Rewind Function

Anti-Bacterial Filter for Clean Air

Ground Chain to Prevent Static Electricity


Brand  : Panasonic

Product  : Drum Vacuum Cleaner

Max. Input Power (W)  : 2200 W

Dust Bag Capacity (L)  : 21 L

Extension Wand : Metal x 2

Floor Nozzle  : 2-STEP

Exhaust Filter  : Anti-Bacteria Filter

Cord Rewind  : Yes

Cord Length  : 8 m

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602mm ×347mm ×396 mm

Product Type

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


2200 W




7.4 kg



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